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Sonic landscapes of the heart


London-based musical explorer/adventurer Jocelyn Drainie has taken listeners on differing journeys during her career as teacher/guide to those seeking to find emotional connection to themselves and others through sound. Tripping The Void is her latest offering and here she moves her audience through the landscape of emotions, memories and ideas these tracks carry with them and inspire. A cursory listen would possibly elicit the label ‘ambient music’ but the emotional undercurrent running through these tracks reveals much more at work. A case in point is ‘Tears In Rain,’ taken up with sonic touches behind a reading of actor Rutger Hauer’s heartbreaking and unforgettable soliloquy as android/would-be human Roy Batty in the classic film Blade Runner that reveals the hard-won wisdom running through this memorable recording.

Rod Nicholson –  Performance: A/Production: B+


While the area of ambient music has produced a great number of forgettable and pretentious works of ‘art’ over the last few decades, there have been times when all the wispiness and intellectuality drops away, emotion takes over and something special happens. Fans of anyone from Terry Riley to Brian Eno to Bill Laswell will certainly be able to find some purchase in the gorgeous sonic landscapes Jocelyn Drainie conjures here.

Although the pieces on Thief – Moods In D were inspired by the loss of her husband, Drainie somehow manages to express both her grief and her love in equal measure and there are points where this music takes on a quality that manages to be almost cinematically widescreen and intimately introspective at the same time.

Rod Nicholson – Performance: A/Production: B+